Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mini Pumpkin Fluff Pies

Dear Pumpkin, I'm so glad its Fall so that we get to hang out for the next few months. We're going to have so much fun together! But please, try not to make me fat, okay? xoxo, Vittoria

Oh, hello. Didn't see you there. My pal, Pumpkin, and I were just having a little chat. You see, I love pumpkin, and its actually really good for you but its often paired with things like butter, cream, sugar and other items that stick to your ass like a magnet. Making it...not so good for you. But have no fear, I am about to show you that you can still satisfy your pumpkin pie craving without having to break out your fat pants! (And don't act like you don't have fat pants.)

How cute are these little babies?? I almost didn't want to eat them. Almost.

These mini pies are like pumpkin clouds resting in a golden, flaky crust. They taste like a fluffier version of pumpkin pie..and if all that isn't appealing enough, they are super cute! Today is actually buy one get one free day, because this recipe is more like two recipes! The pumpkin fluff (filling) part of the pies is something I've been making for years. It's wonderful all by itself eaten with a spoon (or your finger, I won't tell), or as a dip (try dippers like graham cracker sticks or fruit!).

There is a lot you could do with the fluff, but I only recently had the epiphany to use it as a pumpkin pie filling. I haven't tried using it to make a whole pie because, well, I can't have whole pies sitting in my house staring at me. The portion control of mini pies suits me much better! I imagine though, if you were so inclined to make a full size pie with this recipe that it would work just fine and dandy. I hope you enjoy this one!

Mini Pumpkin Fluff Pies
  • 1 container fat free cool whip
  • 1 can of pumpkin puree
  • 1 box of sugar free vanilla pudding
  • 1 store bought pie crust
  • chocolate chips, sprinkles, etc. for decorating
Make the pumpkin fluff:
Whisk pumpkin with pudding mix.
Fold in cool whip.
Refrigerate for 1 hour until set.
(You'll have lots of pumpkin fluff leftover after making these're welcome.)
Roll out pie crust onto a flat surface.
Using a glass or biscuit cutter, cut out circles that are approximately 3inches in diameter. You'll have to gather the scraps and roll out the dough a few times to use it all up. I got about 7 mini pies out of 1 crust.
Press each circle into a muffin tin, and form the dough up the sides of the cup.
Bake at 400 for approximately 10 mins until slightly golden.
Allow to cool and fill with pumpkin fluff.
Decorate! (I did some with mini chocolate chips, some with a dusting of pumpkin pie spice and some with a Lindt Truffle on top. Have fun!)


  1. Hey - I don't have fat pants! I got rid of them all. You promise these things won't make my skinny pants pop?

  2. I've never tried anything pumpkin other than roasted pumpking seeds! These look amazing! I will give this a try for sure!

  3. These are a great idea for Thanksgiving dessert. Everyone gets a little pie! :) YUM!

  4. Just came over from Taste and Tell- nice to meet another VA blogger! Love this pumpkin fluff- great idea to use it in mini-pies!