About Me

My name is Vittoria and I blog from Richmond, Virginia. You've all heard the expression, "Shut your pie hole!" Well, you'll never hear it from me...not here anyway (and not unless you happen to be one of my children). Here, I will encourage you to open your pie hole and try some of my favorite recipes! (Some of them will even be pie!) As a disclaimer, I'm no chef...just a busy working mom who has a slight obsession with recipes and cooking. If I had to choose one word to describe the recipes on this blog it would be "EASY!" Easy as pie, you might say! Personally, when I'm looking at a recipe that has a two-page long list of ingredients, I run for the hills. My goal is to share easy recipes with you that adults and kids will enjoy that are simple yet delicious. This blog will be a collection of recipes I try from other blogs/sites, tried and true's that I've been making for years, as well as new creations of my own. Grab your apron!

UPDATE: (February 2011) Just a little update, I got married last month on January 15th and we spent a magical week in Nassau, Bahamas! Thanks to everyone who stuck with me and my posting hiatus during the wedding and honeymoon! 
If you want to contact me, have suggestions, or would like a product reviewed please email me at vittoriatripp@gmail.com. I love hearing from readers!