Friday, October 15, 2010

Single Serving Cake!

Baked goods are my weakness. I can pass by candy and ice cream all day long, but you put a cupcake in front of me and I'm doomed. For those of you who don't know, I'm currently in a serious diet crunch, preparing for my wedding which takes place exactly three months from today! I'm working out twice a day and counting calories like its my job, so baked goods are the last thing I need right now.

Being that as it may, for some reason Fall brings on this uncontrollable urge to stuff carbs into my face. I have already pulled out all my favorite pumpkin bread and pie recipes in preparation of sharing them with you. Like I said, baked goods are my weakness. I'm an equal opportunity cake lover...but red velvet is my absolute favorite. Against my better judgement the other day at the store, I bought a red velvet cake mix and a can of cream cheese frosting.

Then I went home and we had a little stare-off. Me and the cake mix. I'd pull it out of the pantry, put it on the counter, walk by it a few times. Put it back in the pantry and leave the kitchen. Come back, repeat. Then I remembered a certain brownie mix called No Pudge (which is really very good if you haven't tried it!) that had an option to make a single serving brownie using non-fat vanilla yogurt. I thought it would definitely be worth a try to replicate this method using cake mix, especially if it kept me from baking and entire cake and subsequently eating entire said cake.

Lucky for me, (and now you) worked!

Single Serving Cake
(Someone think of a more exciting name for something this awesome please!)

2T cake mix
1T non-fat vanilla yogurt
1t-1T water


You can double (or go wild and triple!) this by just doubling the ingredients.

Measure two tablespoons of cake mix and one tablespoon of yogurt into a small bowl. If the cake mix is lumpy (which they often are) make sure you either break up the lumps with the back of a fork or run it through a sifter first. No one wants lumpy cake!

Add 1t of water to start and whisk ingredients together.

Add more water as needed, cake mix should be slightly thicker than the consistency of a normally prepared cake batter.

Put cake mix into a microwave safe bowl or dish that has been sprayed with cooking spray.

Microwave for about 1 minute.

Scoop a dollop of frosting or cool whip on that baby and dig in!


  1. Beautiful presentation and you can make it in no time. Very impressive.

  2. Vit! That is such a great idea!! Love it! And you picked one of my fave desserts..>Red Velvet with Cream Cheese!

  3. I have to admit, I was a skeptic! Tried it last night - THANK YOU for sharing this! It's awesome!!

  4. Oh Sammy, YAY, I'm so glad you liked it!