Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kale Chips

Get back here! Don't even think about skipping this recipe just because I said the word "kale."

I know what you're thinking. And I know that's something people always say, but really, I know what you're thinking. You could call me somewhat of a picky eater. If you asked my mom she'd probably tell you I'm a very picky eater. Which means that I'd never touched a piece of kale before trying this recipe, and never even considered it because "I know I won't like that." I have seen kale chips on food blogs and sites that I follow for years now. Literally, years. And every time I say, "nope, not for me" and move on, without a second thought.

Then I came across it once again earlier this year and I thought, all these people raving about kale chips can't be collectively off their rocker. So I ran out to the store and spent $1.50 on kale and figured if when they were gross, I hadn't wasted much money and then I'd be able to move on and say "liars!" every time I came across kale chips again.

Well, the only liar would be me if I told you these were gross. They are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Now, stop looking at me like that, I'm not crazy. My children, all three of them, beg me to make these. (Okay, so the baby doesn't actually beg, but she eats a ton of them!) When I asked my 9-year old daughter what she wanted to do for her birthday this year, she told me she wanted to have kale chips at her party. If that's not a convincing endorsement, then I've miserable failed here.You don't have anything to lose but a couple bucks and some cooking spray, so get off your rear and make these! If they totally suck I give you full permission to come back and publicly blast me. Now, go!

Kale Chips
  • 1 bunch of kale
  • cooking spray or olive oil
Preheat oven to 375.
Rinse kale and pat dry.
Tear the leafy part off the thick middle stem into large pieces. Anywhere between 1-4 inches will work. I've seen people just throw the whole stalk in there before too! However, the thick middle stalk is very bitter so you want to avoid eating that part.
Spray a baking sheet with non-stick spray (or toss the leaves with olive oil), lay out the kale in a single layer, and spray again on top.
Bake - This is the tricky part. Until you know how long these will take in your oven, you really have to watch them very closely. The directions I saw when I first made these said 18-20 minutes and I've found that anywhere between 7-10 is perfect for my oven. So there's a big variable there. You want to watch for the curly ends of the leaves to get crispy, they should feel slightly crisp to the touch, not wilty. Also, if they start to turn brown take them out immediately! If they taste bitter, you've cooked them too long.
Sprinkle with salt when they come out of the oven and serve! You can also play around with other seasonings, we really like them with Old Bay as well.


  1. And where does one find Kale in the grocery store??? For those non-believers out there? lmao

  2. I am a kale virgin. I keep seeing kale chips all over the blogs- I MUST TRY! :) Thanks for the reminder! :)

  3. Kale is in the produce section, next to the other leafy vegetables like lettuce and spinach.