Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Finds: Spring Rolls

With the start of Weight Watchers, Friday's are going to be slightly different around here. Every Friday I'll be sharing a low-point food find that I'm really excited about! If you have recommendations, please feel free to share them!

Without further adieu, today I bring you Lean Cuisine Spring Rolls. They come in three different flavors, as shown. I've tried the Thai style and the Fajita variety. Both were a-m-a-z-i-n-g! They come with a little crisper sleeve to use when you microwave them and I swear they taste just like spring rolls from an authentic Chinese restaurant! They are even the same size. The only downside is that there are two servings per box, you get three spring rolls per serving (I hate it when something is seemingly packaged as one item, but you can't eat the whole thing). They are packaged in three's though, so that makes it somewhat easier not to eat the whole box! They also advertise right on the front that the box contains two servings, which I appreciate. On Lean Cuisine's website as well as on the box they are listed as four points, but I've found that most of them are five points plus, the packaging just hasn't changed over yet. I highly recommend them!


  1. I was wondering if they were any good! Thanks!! :)

  2. Those look SOOO good. Thanks for sharing. No more greasy spring rolls for me!

  3. They really are yummy! I really liked them as well!

  4. Nice--And a great addition to a make-your-own-takeout kind of meal. You could have just one as a starter probably for around 1-2 points plus, making your main meal feel more restaurant-ish. I like. :-)

    (DreamyDrea from the WW boards)