Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Honeymoon's Over!


I apologize for my slow start in getting back to posting. After a week in paradise its really tough adjusting back to reality! Our wedding was intimate and beautiful and perfect, and our honeymoon was absolutely magical. I'm a happy girl! Instead of a recipe, today I'm sharing a few photos from the honeymoon, which was in Nassau, Bahamas. As soon as I have some wedding photos back I'll be sure to share those as well. But don't worry, it will be back to recipes as usual tomorrow. I hope you all had a fabulous week while I was away!

Swimming with the dolphins on Paradise Island. This particular dolphin was actually in the movie Flipper! By the way, that water is the ocean, not a pool!

 Our first day, exploring the resort and the beach. I've never seen sand so white!

No budding flower was safe from me there, they were all so beautiful!

 The amazing view from our suite. What a way to wake up every morning!

 Cocktails on the pier, we were living the good life, if only briefly!


  1. You are just trying to make me jealous in every possible media... aren't you? lmao

  2. Congratulations. Oh my goodness it is beautiful there. It looked like you guys had a ton of fun.